A complete administration solution for your commercial laundry

From placing an order to managing deliveries, one complete solution

Reduce your management and administration hours at every stage of your business

About Laundry Soft

The Complete Solution

LaundryManager.App is a complete solution for your commercial laundry. Developed in collaboration with a leading commercial laundry. Every element of the package has been thought through and tested to the highest possible standards.

Specifically developed to improve the management process of every individual laundry bag as it passes through your laundry from collection, through processing to delivery. The package includes:

  • Online customer side ordering
  • Multidrop collection and delivery system
  • Order tracking & monitoring
  • Order processing on shop floor
  • Online invoice management

Our Services

Backend Reliability

Expertly coded to provide a secure, fast and efficient application that runs on a fully managed, maintained and backed up server.

Secure Environment

Your environment is hosted on a secure server and transactions on the application are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

24/7 Support

We offer full 24/7 support to ensure that you are able to make the most of the application. This support is provided to you and your clients.

Delivery Management

We will provide you with a complete delivery and collection management system, with drops optimised for the most economical routes for your drivers to follow.

Realtime Statistics

Staff logged in as managerial and admin users are able to view a range of important statistics from each of their pages to keep them constantly informed.

Data Management

Your data is fully managed by us and we will ensure that your clients are protected by the Data Protection Act at all times. Furthermore, all data is backed up daily!

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you are able to provide us with the correct data and someone is available to provide us with answers to our questions if required, we will normally have you up and running within three weeks.

Absolutely not! We have developed a very complex system that ensures that your company's data is kept secret from anyone else. Data management is key to our success and we will never divulge your information with a third party.

No, this site uses session variables which only exist whilst a users session is active. These session variables are specific to each visitor and are used to store and present only relevant information to that user. This site uses no cookies whatsoever!

Absolutely. This site has been developed to give you full control over your data. You are able to add and edit any of the information stored night or day from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet.


To begin with we collect all of your data, products, price lists, clients and client's discounts. We will then analyse the data and prepare it for the system.

During this process we will give you access to the training account so that you can get up to speed with the application and ensure that your staff are fully trained.


During this stage we will work with you to ensure that all of your data is accurate and we will also help you prepare letters for your customers so that they will know how to make the most of their personal account.

We will also help you resource and implement any additional equipment that will help the laundry seamlessly interact with the Laundry Soft Application.


When launch day arrives, we will be on standby to ensure that everything runs smoothly for your business. In the first couple of weeks we will continue to closely monitor your application to ensure that your data maintains it integrity.

Once you are up and running, we will continue to be there offering support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, our servers are constantly monitored to ensure that we maximise uptime and prevent data loss.


Laundry Soft Ltd


Developers of the latest, most comprehensive e-business solution for commercial laundries!


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Meet Our Team

Andy Anderson

Development Director

Shayne Riches

Marketing Director

Melanie Riches

Accounts Director

Gavin Anderson

Server Manager

Our Application

Key Features

Management System

  1. Online system
  2. Full access
  3. Order Tracking
  4. Customer Own
  5. Hired Linen
  6. Clients Access
  7. Online Invoicing
  8. Total Control

Laundry Bag
Processing System

  1. Online system
  2. User Friendly
  3. Full Bag Management
  4. Reprocessing Options
  5. Quantity Corrections
  6. Scanner Compatibility
  7. Supervisor Tracked
  8. Bag Countdown

Deliveries & Collections

  1. Online system
  2. Full access
  3. Routes Planned
  4. Paper Free
  5. Driver Tracking
  6. Instant Drop Advice
  7. Historical Drop Data
  8. Ease of Use

Contact us

Call: 01409 231842
Monday-Friday (8am-6pm)

Email: enquiries@laundrymanager.app
Web: www.laundrysoft.co.uk

Laundry Soft Ltd, 12 The Maltings,
Beaworthy, Devon, EX21 5PR

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